On the Day
Before you come to a Kids Run Free event, please register each child via our login/registration page.
On your first event, you will be given a card for each child.
Please bring your Kids Run Free card along to every event.

The events proceed as follows:

1. Arrive at 8:45am (look at the map to find your nearest event).

2. Warm-ups before the race begins. Listen out for instructions from the race director!

3. When you hear your child’s group being called, head for the start line.

4. Prepare to time your child’s race - if you do not have a stop-watch, you can pick one up from one of our volunteers.

5. Get ready...get steady...GO!

6. At the end of the race, make sure your child's time is recorded and a sticker fixed to his/her card.

There will be a Race director and plenty of volunteers at the events who will always be willing to help out or answer questions.

Have fun! 

Warming Up

Keeping the attention of children for long enough to get them sufficiently warmed up can be tricky, so we always follow a set procedure that makes warming up enjoyable as well as effective.

We use a mini-circuit – using mini-hurdles, cones and agility ladders that children can take at their own pace. Generally running around and having fun is an ideal way to get kids warmed up without them even realising! 

Then we go through a simple aerobics session involving balance, stretching and co-ordination exercises.

Afterwards the children can emulate their running heroes by doing the 'Bolt' or the 'Mobot'!

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0-2 year-olds run 50m

3-4 year-olds run 100m

5-6 year-olds run 250m

7-8 year-olds run 500m

7-16 year olds can run 1000m if they think they're hard enough!


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After the Race

For every event your child attends, they will be given one Kids Run Free Sticker to put into their Kids Run Free Race Card, regardless of the number of races they run during that event.

For your child to receive their free Kids Run Free gift they need to attend:
Monthly Events - 8 events (1 full race card)
Fortnightly Events - 16 events (2 full race cards)
Weekly Events - 36 events (3 full race cards)
To claim your Kids Run Free gift:

Please send us your child's race card(s) indicating your child's age and which event they normally attend to:
Kids Run Free
4 Euston Place
Leamington Spa
CV32 4LN
or you can scan/photgraph them and send them to carmen@kidsrunfree.co.uk
Your child's gift will be sent to the Race Director and will be awarded to them at their next event.

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